“Our purpose is to help families pay for the final care of their loved ones”

Our purpose is to help individuals pay for a cremation or burial of their loved one when financial funds are not available. Angels to the Rescue will also help educate individuals as to what options and choices may be available to them. Often times choices may include general information as well as financial choices. We will maintain a price list of different mortuaries and cemeteries with their name, address and telephone number in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Hopefully this will help families to do price comparing without calling every mortuary or cemetery. Unfortunately we can not guarantee prices. The prices listed on our website are prices quoted by individual employees of the mortuary or cemetery. The list will be updated every year in April or as need requires. If mortuaries or cemeteries call us we will be happy to post any new prices. We have done our best when requesting information from the individual mortuaries and cemeteries to ask the exact same questions so the prices should include the same services. Unfortunately we can not take responsibility for any discrepancies in the quoted information and what services are included. We encourage all buyers to be aware.

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